A Bike Thing

The ‘A Bike Thing’ USA Workshop Programme

There’s a huge demand for ‘A Bike Thing’ products around the world, particularly in the USA, where bikers understand the need for quality parts and accessories. Become a part of our USA workshop programme by adding our products and our white glove installation service. You’ll be able to benefit from stocking and installing our brand and knowing that you have our full support. We don’t just send you the stock; we supply full documentation for all components and provide installation training for your crew.

Get Regular Work

Any installation requests made through our website that come from the US are directed to the nearest of our local workshop partners, and that could be you. You’re expected to provide the same white glove services that we provide our clients here in the UK, and in return, we provide you with leads, products, and everything else you need to ensure a flow of new customers.

New, Cutting-Edge Products

We stock only the best motorcycle parts and accessories from such well-respected global brands as Denali, ezCAN, and more. These major manufacturers don’t work with just anybody, but they choose to work with us. We will train you and your team to become one of our vetted and certified installers, so you can add A Bike Thing products and services to your existing workshop.

A Bike Thing

Get Installations Right

With our bespoke training programme, you’ll never get an installation wrong. We will make sure you have the confidence you need to install all our products by providing you with great training and lifelong support throughout our partnership. Once you’ve completed your training, we are still there for you, sending you leads, products, and full kits, including the instruction manuals.

Reach A New Audience

Here at A Bike Thing, we have a massive online reach, being a big name in the adventure bike community. By becoming an installation partner, you don’t just get to reach our clients; you can use our brand to attract people to yours. We’re not just a supplier; we’re one half of a strategic partnership, so why not cross-sell your own products while you’re installing ours?

Worried About Supply Chain Costs?

When you partner with A Bike Thing, we provide everything you need to get started at a low cost. We hold our stock and send it to you when you need it. We handle the purchase and shipping, as well as the training needed to install these parts properly. This leaves you free to concentrate on delivering the best service possible to your new customers.

Get in touch

If you’re ready to be part of our USA workshop programme, reach out to A Bike Thing today. Drop us an email to team@abikething.com, and someone from the team will get back to you.