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Riding the North Coast 500

A Bike Thing isn’t just a big name in our native UK—we’ve got a reputation for quality that stretches across Europe and around the world. Many of our customers come from the continent and beyond, visiting the UK to ride the NC500 around the Scottish Highlands. 

Stop by and Visit Us

With many arriving in the South of England, they have to pass our Derbyshire workshop on their way to the NC500, making us a natural stopping off spot for some quick safety upgrades or additional luggage for the trip.

This is what we have for you:


Light Packs: See and Be Seen

Our high-end light packs can be connected to your bike using ezCAN controllers, allowing you to upgrade your bike without voiding any warranties. They are perfect for navigating the dark country roads of the NC500, particularly at night.

Sound Bombs: Be Heard

As the name suggests, these sound bombs are super-loud upgrades for your bike horn. When we say super-loud, we mean it. Make sure you can be heard, wherever you are.

Exhausts from Dr.Jekll & Mr.Hyde

These loud (or volume-controllable) exhaust upgrades are perfect for making more or less noise as needed while you blast through the rolling trails.


We stock a range of soft-shell luggage for your trip. Waterproof, stylish, and easy to clip to your bike, this useful luggage lets you carry everything you need at all times.
A Bike Thing

Arriving From The EU?

If you’ve arrived in the UK at Dover and are riding across England before you tackle the NC500, you’ll find A Bike Thing right in the middle of the country. We welcome plenty of EU customers who book their bikes in for upgrades in advance and stop off on their way to Scotland. Our team of professional fitters will get your new kit installed quickly and efficiently while you take a well-earned break in our on-site Ride & Grind Coffee Bar. Visit our Fitting page for more details.


These are some things to see and do along the NC500, along with some handy guides and tips.


Get in touch

Whether you’re ordering a part for delivery or booking your bike in for a fitting, reach out to A Bike Thing today. Email us at sales@abikething.com and someone from the team will get back to you. More contact information can be found on our contact page.