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Weiser Wizard Rear Dongle Kit for BMW S Series ’20-, & R1300GS, M1000R, M1000RR

Rear Indicator Re-Sequencing Modules for all BMW S 1000 Series motorcycles including the R, XR an M models 2020-24


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Rear Indicator Re-Sequencing Modules for all BMW S 1000 Series motorcycles including the R, XR an M models 2020-24.  Also includes the BMW CE 04 & the New R1300GS.

*(Note: Currently this module is NOT compatible with S1000 Series bikes made for the North American market).

These “PLUG’n PLAY” interface modules massively improve the effectiveness of the OEM rear multifunction indicators by re-sequencing their functionality. Providing a no nonsense, no confusion clear indication of the motorcycle riders intention to make a turn and adding improved clarity.

Designed for all BMW S1000 Series motorcycles from 2020 to 2024 with the OEM rear multifunction indicators. *

These innovative modules use microprocessor technology to work seamlessly with the bikes CANbus electronics system. Re-sequencing the output signals from the bike’s lighting controller to repurpose the functionality of the rear indicators.

The Rear indicator modules function normally as both red running and brake lights until the indicator is activated. When an indicator is activated (on either side) the module cancels out both the running and brake lights leaving only the amber indicator light clearly visible on that side. There is no longer any confusion or ambiguity for following traffic of the rider’s intentions.
As the BMW S1000 Series bikes 2020+ are no longer supplied with a main center taillight fitting an auxiliary rear running/brake light is optional to improve overall rear lighting on this model.

Key Features:

Retains original BMW OEM indicators.
100% Plug + Play.
Innovative microcontroller design solution.
Simple install.
No reprogramming of OEM electronics required.
CANbus compatible.
No fault codes guaranteed.
4 Year Warranty

Set Includes:

Rear Indicator Modules x 2: P/N F-WWIZZ R-SEQ v3 DRL-OFF

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

UK/CA  / CE / IP67


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