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Weiser REACTIVATE REAR RUNNING LIGHT FUNCTION on 2021-23 model year R1250 GS’s and GSA’s

We now have an improved plug and play version here

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Are you disappointed that the rear center running light is no longer active on your BMW R1250 GS and Adventure; model years 2021-23.

Now you don’t have to be…. Weisertechnik have developed a very simple yet very clever module to reactivate the “sleeping” running light function within the main brake light assembly. Called the Weiser EXT-RUN-ON module this model is specifically designed for ALL 2021-23 R1250 GS and GSA’s fitted with the Rear Light Package to add a missing yet a safety effective running light function where you are used to seeing one…. rear and center!

Whether or not you have Weisertechnik’s impressively and clearly functioning rear LED running/brake/indicator lights fitted to your bike or BMW’s OEM stock multifunction lights  the end result is the same. A running light reactivated at 35% brightness of the main center brake light. (slightly brighter and markedly more conspicuity than  previous 1250 and 1200 models).

You have to see the end result to appreciate the full effect of what was missing …. Why have two running lights when you can have three!  A much  brighter and safer lit rear end ..effective lighting especially where you need it….  in the eyes of following traffic..

Simple installation. No software update required. Works in harmony with your bikes electronics. CANbus compatible. No fault codes guaranteed.

Designed specifically for 21′ & 23′ BMW R 1250 GS & GS/A ONLY.



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