Touratech ZEGA Evo “And-S” Aluminium Pannier – 45 Litres – Left – Silver

ZEGA Evo “And-S” Aluminium Pannier – 45 litres – Left

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ZEGA Evo “And-S” Aluminium Pannier – 45 litres – Left – “And-S” (means it is anodised silver)

Viva la Evolution!

Continuous EVOLUTION – under this motto Touratech have further developed their ZEGA pannier systems and so the name of their latest aluminium pannier was clear from the start. The ZEGA Evo combines the robustness proven ten thousand times over with extra convenient handling – not least thanks to a completely new fastening system.

Practical benefits and user-friendliness:
The ZEGA Evo offers even easier mounting than the ZEGA Pro2, with an absolutely secure hold – even in tough off-road conditions! It thus combines optimum ergonomics and absolute comfort without sacrificing reliability.

With the new lid catches, we’ve retained the popular hinge function. This allows the lid to be opened from both sides or removed completely. The lid and base of the pannier are manufactured using a modern deep-drawing process, which eliminates the need for unattractive welding seams.

The stable connection between the outer shell and the base is ensured by the high-quality, waterproof special rivets. The lid has a tongue and groove profile with an integrated silicone seal, which guarantees a watertight seal. The newly developed ventilation system relieves the pressure in or on the pannier if there’s a change in altitude. This means you can open a pannier which you closed in the valley on the highest pass road. Like its predecessor, the ZEGA Evo is also made of the established 1.5 mm thick aluminium.

The ZEGA Evo is already equipped with practical accessory fixing pins. So you can easily attach the special ZEGA Evo accessory holders without drilling holes in your new case. As with the previous versions, the proven attachment eyes are installed as standard on the lid, so that you can attach special pannier lid bag or other objects to your ZEGA Evo securely. The pannier is easy to transport thanks to the carrying handle.

Whether silver or black anodised, the new ZEGA Evo also sets the standard for high-quality luggage solutions when it comes to design. The rounded, newly designed plastic corners are not only a decorative element. In the event of an accident, they protect not only the suitcase but also the driver from injury.

Newly developed fastening system:
The core element of the ZEGA Evo is a completely newly developed and designed fastening system on the pannier racks which combines easy handling with secure hold. Your pannier remains safely attached to your motorcycle even if very high forces are at work. The mounting procedure is super simple, the locking mechanism is equipped with a safety lock which is active even if you don’t lock it, and handling is child’s play even with the thickest gloves. Simply slide the hooks onto the rack and push the tension lever down until it clicks into place. The pannier can be additionally secured against theft with a lock on the rack. To remove, simply pull on the tension lever and lift the pannier from the rack. The mechanism also works in demanding conditions – dirt, sand, mud, etc.

Panniers as part of the luggage system:
The ZEGA Evo, like all Touratech panniers before it, was not developed as an isolated product but was intended from the outset to be part of a luggage system. The outstanding practical benefits are the result of the unique combination of an elegant and indestructible pannier, an ingenious fastening mechanism and a terrain-immune rack made of 18 mm thick stainless steel tubes. Matching inner pannier bags and practical accessory holders round off the luggage system. Order at the same time! (Not included in the delivery.)

  •  Newly designed plastic corners – protect driver and pannier in the event of an accident
  •  Proven fixing pins – for ZEGA Evo accessory holder
  •  Proven handle – for comfortable carrying
  •  Newly developed fastening system – for easy mounting and secure hold on the pannier rack
  •  Newly developed lockable one-hand locking system – for convenient and secure attachment to the pannier rack
  •  Newly developed lockable lid catch- for convenient opening and closing from both sides, thanks to practical hinge function
  •  Proven silicone seal – for a pannier that’s dry on the inside, even in the pouring rain
  •  Proven attachment eyes – for secure fastening of pannier lid bags and other soft luggage
  •  Standard hooks on the inside of the lid – for attaching accessories (bags, nets)
  •  Pannier for mounting on the left side of the vehicle
  •  Dimensions: 443 mm x 203 mm x 393 mm