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Touratech Stainless Steel Pannier Frames – BMW R1300GS

Touratech Stainless Steel Pannier Rack – BMW 1300GS



Touratech Stainless Steel Pannier Rack – BMW R1300GS

The Touratech pannier rack was developed specifically for the requirements of the R 1300 GS in terms of design and function, as aluminium cases and top cases are not provided for it from BMW directly.

The pannier racks are an excellent basis for our EMD luggage solutions for the new BMW GS!

The same technology that is used in the case racks is used also in the Touratech crash bars and the main frame of the BMW R1300GS itself: 3-dimensionally shaped assemblies. This type of construction ensures significantly greater stability while also being lighter!

The Touratech pannier rack gets its particularly high stability from the combination of a design that has been tried and tested 10,000 times, the highest quality materials, as well as the patented connecting elements and 3D tabs.

At the same time, the case carrier takes up the design of the rear frame of the BMW R 1300 GS. For the first time, the 18×2 mm stainless steel tubes are reinforced with 3D elements made of 2 and 3 mm thick stainless steel sheets! Not just a visual gain!

The relatively low-lying rear muffler of the BMW R 1300 GS enables a symmetrical structure and thus the use of the same case size on both sides of the motorcycle. We fully endorse the new EMD ASKJA 34L Side Pannier Sets.

Installation is carried out at easily accessible existing fastening points. With just a few screws, the very robust construction can be mounted or dismantled.


  • made of electropolished stainless steel
  • suitable for tough off-road use
  • no restriction on the pillion passenger
  • fits elegantly into the design of the BMW
  • easy assembly / disassembly
  • total width approx. 50 cm only

Your luggage is always safe with the Touratech motorcycle pannier rack, whether on-road or off-road it doesn’t matter… The perfect pannier system for the big journey.