Touratech Reinforcing strut for original BMW engine crash bar – BMW R1300GS

Touratech Engine crash bar – BMW R1300GS

The most comprehensive all-round protection ever available for boxer engines!

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Touratech Reinforcing strut for original BMW engine crash bar – BMW R1300GS

The Touratech reinforcement strut creates an additional, fourth support point! This creates a real, secure cage around the valve cover and cylinder head. Impact forces are reliably absorbed, distributed and diverted into the frame at the appropriate location.

This makes the strut an absolutely sensible addition to the original BMW engine crash bar, which lacks this support. Its three attachment points leave the rear, upper area entirely to the strength of the tube alone.

What should be enough for a fall over while stationary can quickly lead to serious problems if the GS is used off-road appropriately! The risk of destroyed valve covers then becomes real.

The original BMW engine protection bar is noticeably reinforced with the help of the Touratech stabilization strut and thus reliably fulfills its role as a fully-fledged crash bar again.

Thanks to its electropolished surface and the use of the same diameter, the strut fits perfectly to the BMW engine guard of the 1300 Boxer GS, both technically and visually.


  • highly functional additional support
  • made of robust electropolished 25mm stainless steel tube
  • custom-fit support kit developed specifically for the R 1300 GS
  • easy to assemble

The additional 4th support point ensures maximum functionality. An absolute safety gain, installed with little effort!