LED Back Light Emblem Discs

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We’re the only company who are supplying emblems with fully Plug & Play connections to any Hex ezCAN or Denali Cansmart.

We are also now stocking various sizes to suit all BMW Motorcycles.

I’ve very carefully sourced these 2 colour (White & Amber) LED discs which fit snuggly behind your OEM BMW emblem badges.  They have an IP67 waterproof rating

You can have these running as Amber DRLs with an Amber flash when you indicate or you can wire them up to be White DRL’s with an Amber flash.  Fitting instructions come included with the kit.  You can see them here on my R1250GSA https://youtu.be/c8RQo6KBhzs?t=112

As mentioned in the video above, you can connect these directly to your bikes wiring harness, however if you really want to benefit from the dimming feature available through an **ezCAN or Cansmart controller, and have the peace of mind of not splicing into your bikes OEM wiring,  well then you can add your Hex ezCan here on this page.    Just select the option above when configuring your emblems.

We don’t make the Denali Cansmart an option on this listing due to the wiring harnesses that comes with the Denali Cansmart as they are not required for this application, therefore it is an unnecessary expense.

The ezCAN on the other hand is a stand alone product without any wiring harnesses, (however we include the HEX ezCAN Wiring Harness Extension Kit when we supply the ezCAN in our Light Pod bundles) so we can save you some expense here and you can purchase the Wiring Harness for the T3’s & T3 extension harnesses instead as this will complete the emblem kit and make it true plug and play.

When you add the T3 Wiring Harness (above) we will also include the T3 extension kit.

The great news is if you decide you want to add front T3 Switch Back Pods well then you can just connect them straight up to the same T3 Wiring harness that is powering your emblems by adding our T3 / Emblem Y Splitter

These are truly a classy addition to your bike.



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