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Posted 17th May: First Batch Sold Out.  More Arriving Soon


Capture Every Ride with the INNOVV K7 Motorcycle Dashcam

Introducing the INNOVV K7, the latest breakthrough in motorcycle dashcam technology, designed to bring unparalleled clarity and stability to your ride recordings. The INNOVV K7 isn’t just a camera; it’s your ride’s black box, capturing everything in stunning 2K+2K resolution. Whether cruising city streets or exploring off the beaten path, the K7 ensures every moment is captured in immaculate detail.


  • Dual-Channel, High-Resolution Recording
    The INNOVV K7 elevates your recording capabilities with its dual-channel system, offering 2K+2K or 1080P+1080P resolutions at 60FPS. Leveraging LVDS wire technology, this dashcam promises high-definition capture and rapid transmission, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.


  • State-of-the-Art Video Stabilization
    With Intelligent EIS technology, the K7 dashcam delivers enhanced video stabilization, ensuring smooth, clear footage regardless of the road’s challenges. Say goodbye to shaky, blurred videos and hello to crisp, steady recordings even on the most rugged terrains.


  • Advanced 10Hz GPS Functionality
    Not just for recording, the K7’s high-speed 10Hz GPS system meticulously documents every ride, turning every journey into an adventure worth sharing. This feature goes beyond mere navigation, offering a comprehensive log of your travels.


  • Custom-Designed Cables for Motorcyclists
    Understanding the unique needs of motorcyclists, the INNOVV K7 comes equipped with custom LVDS cables, optimized for stability and flexibility. With a 92-sided shielding wire process, it provides unmatched shielding performance and is designed for easy installation across various motorcycle models. (Cable lengths: Front 1.5M, Rear 2M)


  • Durable Construction with Aesthetic Appeal
    The DVR unit of the K7 dashcam boasts an aluminum alloy construction coupled with UV painting for a sleek, durable finish. This special paint not only enhances the device’s appearance but also ensures it remains free from cracks and peels.


  • Professional-Grade Microphone
    Complement your visual recordings with high-quality audio using the K7’s professional-grade microphone. Perfect for moto-vlogging, this microphone captures every detail from the roar of your engine to the serene quiet of distant landscapes.


  • Effortless, Intuitive Remote Control
    Manage your recordings seamlessly with the K7’s intuitive remote control. Keep an eye on your dashcam’s status and switch recording modes with ease. A simple button press protects your most memorable videos from being overwritten.


  • Sleek, Concealed Installation
    The INNOVV K7, the smallest motorcycle dashcam in its class, offers versatile mounting options for a discreet setup. Transform your motorcycle into a dynamic, on-the-go recording studio, capturing every adventure without compromise


  • Storage Worry Free, Enjoy The Ride
    *Supports TF cards with a capacity of up to 512GB, allowing for ample storage space.


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