Switchable Exhaust Servo Eliminator

The ESE-SW is a special version of the Exhaust Servo Eliminator that lets you take control of the stock exhaust servo motor and valve. Now you have the ability to fully open the EXUP valve with the supplied switch. Enjoy the best of both worlds: let the EXUP work in stock mode for street use, however, open the valve fully when you are using your bike on the racetrack/closed circuit.

Plug ‘n Go

Comes with model-specific connectors, no splicing/soldering is required. Just plug it in and enjoy the ride!

Best of both worlds

The bike remains fully road-legal, while on the track you are not hindered by the servo motor by any means.

Quick and easy installation

It connects in line with the original servo motor, installation is super-quick and straightforward.

Currently available for select BMW models only.

M1000R (2023) M1000RR (2021-2023) M1000RR M Competition (2023) M1000RR 50 Years M (2023) R nineT [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years) R nineT [Euro 4 spec] (2017-2021) R nineT [Euro 5 spec] (2021-2023) R1200 with bulbs (ALL years) R1200 with LEDs [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years) R1200 with LEDs [Euro 4 spec] (ALL years) R1200 ABS with bulbs (ALL years) R1200 ABS with LEDs [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years) R1200 ABS with LEDs [Euro 4 spec] (ALL years) R1250 GS (2019-2023) R1250 R (2019-2023) R1250 RS (2019-2023) R1250 RT (2019-2023) S1000R [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years) S1000R [Euro 4 spec] (ALL years) S1000R [Euro 5 spec] (ALL years) S1000RR (2009-2014), S1000RR (2019-2023) S1000XR (2015-2023) R1300GS (2023 onwards)

User Manual