Dr Jekill & Mr Hyde Exhaust – HARLEY DAVIDSON PAN AMERICA 1250

Please note: We cannot ship this product.  It is strictly for installation here at A Bike Thing.  Check our availability here



A BIKE THING is an authorised Dealer and Installer for Dr Jekill & Mr Hyde Exhausts.

Usually a customer who’s looking for one of these premium exhausts finds their way here via the Jekill & Hyde Dealer Locator page.

If you want to learn more about these exhausts then I invite to head over there and see what they’re all about. Click Here 

The lead time on ‘Made-To-Order’ Exhausts is currently 6 to 8 weeks, however as they are proving to be very popular we have decided to order in inventory for the popular configurations which you see we have here on this page.

If this page says it’s out of stock it’s because you (our customers) have been pre ordering, and even our back ordered exhausts are selling out.  If you like the popular configurations I have listed here, then I suggest you buy one of these now and you’ll get your new exhaust faster than waiting 6 to 8 weeks which is the current wait on new exhausts.

Head over to Jekill and Hyde to learn about their 4 year warranty which can only be validated if installed by an approved installer, of which we are.

Please note we have a showroom and fitting centre.  Book your bike in here