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Product Description

Denali ground-breaking DialDim™ Lighting Controller features a multicolor halo dimming switch that allows you to independently turn on/off and dim two sets of Denali auxiliary lights from a single consolidated wiring harness. The LED halo switch displays your exact settings and allows for effortless dimming on the fly. The blue halo controls light set one and the green halo controls light set two; simply double click to switch between the two circuits.

The controller also features high beam, turn signal, and horn inputs to unlock intelligent flash features that can cancel your aux lights with your turn signal, flash your aux lights as a turn signal, or strobe your lights when you sound your horn.

Please note: The Dial Dim is only compatible with 3 wired lights. All of the Denali Pod range are 3 wired lights

More Features, More Feedback!

Our patent-pending multicolor halo dimmer switch can do a whole lot more than just turn your lights on and off and dim them. For starters, it displays the exact intensity of both of your lights so you’re never stuck guessing if your lights are on, or what intensity they’re set to.

Thanks to the electronically fused circuits, the halo switch can also display, and allow you to select, the fuse values for each circuit. And if a fuse trips, the LED halo will turn red providing real-time feedback and allow for resetting the fuse.

Last but not least, the switch halo doubles as a battery monitor with a low-voltage cutoff feature. Our industry-first design will flash different colors on startup to display your battery health and automatically shut off your auxiliary lights if the battery voltage drops below 10.8 volts.


  • ON/OFF & Dim – Independently control two sets of lights on/off and intensity level using the single DialDim™ Switch. The blue halo controls light set one and the green halo controls light set two. Double click to switch between the two circuits.
  • High/Low Sync – Your auxiliary lights will automatically switch between your selected dim setting to full intensity with the factory high beam switch. Simply connect the blue input wire to your vehicle’s high beam circuit to enable this feature.
  • Stealth Mode – A clever 0% dim setting on the switch allows your lights to be “off” during normal driving conditions but will jump to 100% intensity with your vehicle’s high beam switch. The lights will also react to turn signal and horn inputs in this mode but will remain off when no inputs are detected.
  • Cancel with Turn Signal – When enabled the main lights (blue circuit 1) will cancel in sync with your signal to prevent “washing out” your factory turn signal. Simply connect the yellow and orange input wires to your vehicle turn signal circuit to enable this feature.
  • Flash as Turn Signal – When enabled your amber visibility lights (green circuit 2) will flash in sync with your factory turn signals. Simply connect the yellow and orange input wires to your vehicle turn signal circuit to enable this feature.
  • Strobe with Horn – When enabled your auxiliary lights on both circuits will strobe at 4Hz when you sound your horn. Simply connect the green input wire to your vehicle horn circuit to enable this feature.
  • Electronically Fused Circuits – Both light circuits are electronically fused and can be set right from the switch itself! The halo will illuminate red to notify you when a circuit fused is tripped.
  • Voltage Display Indicator – Upon vehicle startup, the switch halo will flash green to indicate a healthy battery voltage, or flash red to indicate a battery voltage that is below 11.8v.
  • Low Voltage Cutoff – If the battery voltage drops below 10.8v the lights will not power on preventing you from being stranded. The switch halo will flash 4 red LEDs to indicate the low voltage condition.

Operating the Multifunction Switch

The switch functions are easy to remember, but we went ahead and printed it on the back of the controller housing anyway (just in case you forget)!

Light Set One:
Single click ON –> Press & Hold OFF

Light Set Two:
Double Click ON –> Press & Hold OFF

Switch Between Circuits: Double Click

Fuse Setting Mode:
7 second hold ENTER –> 2 Second Hold EXIT

Reading the Halo Display

Start Up Flash Sequence

Green Flash on Start Up: Battery voltage above 11.8v

Red Flash on Start Up: Battery voltage below 11.8v

Red Flash (4 LEDs) on Start Up: Battery voltage below 10.8v. Low voltage cutoff mode. The lights will not turn on if voltage is below 10.8v.

Lighting Control

Steady Blue: Light set one operation & status

Steady Green: Light set two operation and status

Fuse Status & Setting

Solid Red: Tripped fuse (on the circuit that turned red). Press and hold for 7 seconds to enter fuse setting mode.

Blue Flashing: Fuse setting mode (circuit one)

Green Flashing: Fuse setting mode (circuit tow)

Product Specs

  • Two fully independent light circuits
  • Eight intensity levels per circuit (5%, 15%, 30%, 45%, 60%, 75%, 100%)
  • Eight electronic fuse values (1A, 2A, 4A, 6A, 8A, 10A, 15A, 20A)
  • Five feature input wires (ignition, high beam, horn, left turn, right turn)
  • 20A max per circuit (30A max combined)
  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC

What’s In The Box?

  • (1x) DialDim™ Controller Harness
  • (1x) DialDim™ Multi-function Switch
  • (1x) 7/8″ Handlebar Switch Mount
  • (4x) 66″ Plug-&-Play Light Extentions
  • (1x) Universal Input Trigger Wire Harness


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