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I have tried to simplify how to create a D3 SPOT bundle for your Triumph Tiger 1200 (Variants include GT / GT Pro / GT Explorer / Rally Pro / Rally Explorer)

The default setting for this bundle listing is a Gen2 ezCAN, a pair of D3 SPOT LED Light Pods and Universal Crash Bar Light Mounts

There is currently no bike specific light mount for the new Triumph Tiger so depending on when you’re reading this, maybe check here to see if we have listed any new Triumph Tiger Light Mounts.  If so, simply select ‘None’ on the light mount selector and add one of your choice separately.

Do you want a SOUNDBOMB Horn?   You’ll notice I have given you the choice to either add the Compact SoundBomb or the Split Soundbomb option.  On our own Triumph Tiger Rally Explorer we have here at A BIKE THING we managed to install the Compact Soundbomb down behind the lower left fairing.  Please see in our images.  We used the universal Crash Bar Horn Mount, and attached it to the Triumph OEM lower crash bar.  If you select either of the Soundbombs we will give you the option to also add the Crash Bar Horn Mount.

If you have another idea with mounting your Soundbomb, well then I urge you to opt for the Split Soundbomb.  The Split Soundbomb is the most flexible solution; the compressor half can be zip tied into place against bike and engine frame and with the horn section mounted nearby and connected using the included hose.  Again, it’s up to you if you’d like to mount the compressor using the Crash Bar Horn Mount.

Finally would you like to add one of our tail lights which is also plug and play with your ezCAN?  Choose between the B6 License plate light, Dual B6 or the Single T3 option.


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