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Denali Cansmart / Hex Ezcan Dust Cap

FREE with every cansmart or bundle offer that includes a cansmart.  Otherwise it’s £4.99 or £4.16 to buyers outside UK

SKU: dust-cap


New Product!  I love new inventions.

Designed and manufactured by an A BIKE THING ‘INMATE’.   (If you’re not familiar with this term, it’s a play on words I have donned. Prisoners aka Inmates.  Prisoners spend a life behind bars.  A BIKE THING Inmates spend a life behind bars too.  Handle Bars. 😀)

For the past two years I hear and read about cansmart and Ezcan owners losing their rubber plugs that protects the USB ports where we plug in our micro USB leads to programme our devices.     First and foremost you can be rest assured the USB port is actually IP68 rated even without the rubber bung.  However, if you’re anything like me, it just doesn’t feel right leaving it open to potential moisture, dirt and dust.

Oh look! it’s has a tether too.  So in theory we cannot drop this cap as long as we loop the silicone band over the cansmart.

Made from a blend of clear plastic and silcone so we achieve a nice snug seal and we can still see the little green light without taking off the cap.





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