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DC-1 All-In-One Dual Recording Helmet Camera

Dual Lens Helmet/Riding Hat Camera


DC-1 Advanced
Dual Lens Helmet/Riding Hat Camera

Unique design especially for helmet/hat mounting gives perfect front and rear viewing

DC1 - Advanced Dual Lens Helmet Camera
The DC-1 is the worlds first All In One HD Dual Recording Helmet/Riding Hat Camera.

It’s unique, patented design is specifically angled for optimum helmet/riding hat mounting ensuring you get the perfect first-person view.

Dual camera capability – Eye’s in the back of your head!

The DC1 has both Front and Rear 140 degree coverage (280 degree total coverage) So you get to capture everything you’re seeing and everything you’re not!

Capture Moments Share Life

The DC1 is designed as a safety camera specifically for Riders like You.

Dual front and back recording provides you with an all round record of your ride, ideal for safety purposes, perfect for capturing everything around you.

Review and share your favourite riding moments and choose footage from the front or rear cameras as desired.

Take photo’s and lock down important video files with the  remote control. Watch and play back footage anywhere, anytime with the free Techalogic WiFi App.

DC1 - Advanced Dual Lens Helmet Camera

DC1 Dual Riding Hat Equestrian Camera

DC1 Dual Riding Hat Equestrian Camera

DC1 Dual Riding Hat Equestrian Camera

DC1 Dual Helmet Camera Wrist Remote Control

A handy remote-control unit is supplied with the camera; so you can quickly take stills or lock-in video moments. Wear it on your wrist or just mount it somewhere convenient. Its IP67 water rated so good for any weather

Perfect for everyday rides or something more extreme!

This dual recording helmet/riding hat camera is water and dust resistant (IP65 rated) so can handle whatever you throw at it.

It records 2.5 hours out of the box and this can be extended easily with a powerbank – for example, a low cost 5000 mAh power bank would extend the battery by 7 hours.

It’s light too. The DC1 weighs in at just 104g so you’ll barely notice it’s there and, still records super-sharp HD video that’s easy to edit thanks to the latest Sony Starvis Exmor Lens.

Built to Last and Packed with the Latest video Technology

FHD 1080P Sony Lens


270 Degrees View






IP65 Weatherproof



Techalogic DC1 Dual Helmet Camera Specs

Sensor: SONY IMX307
Aperture: F/1.8
Lens Angle: Front 140/Rear 140
Photo: JPG Max. 12M
Video: MP4 H.264
Resolution: Dual FHD 1920 x 1080P 30fps

Battery: 1600mAh 2 hours 30 mins at full charge
Size/weight: 110 x 40 x 33min/104g
Memory card: TF card Max. 128GB
Wi-Fi: Built in
Mic: Built in
Wireless Controller: Take photo/lock video file


Dual Lens

Worlds first and unique all-in-one dual lens helmet camera designed for your safety when riding

SONY Starvis IMX307 Sensor
High-sensitivity performance suitable for night filming

Seamless Loop Recording
Fit and forget. No need to manage or delete video files. The DC-1 stores video segments in 3/5/10 minute files and once your SD card is full, it will overwrite the oldest files first. But, don’t worry, it will not overwrite any locked files you have generated. The loop record function can be turned off.

Easy to Operate
One button control with Vibration alert so no having to guess if the camera is on and recording.

Battery Duration
1600 mAh Battery capacity gives 2.5 working hours for dual channel recording. Can be easily extended with a powerbank

Portable and Convenient
Weighs only 104g. DIY Fitting. Compatible with general action camera mounts
Energy-Efficient Detection
Intelligent energy-saving system. Maximises battery duration
WIFI Connectivity
Monitor current recording on mobile-phone via WIFI. Download and share files instantly
DC-1 Spec
DC-1 Dual Helmet Camera WiFi App
DC-1 Dual Helmet Camera Loop Recording
DC-1 Dual Helmet Camera 140 Degrees Angle



Techalogic DC-1 Review
Techalogic DC-1 Review
Techalogic DC-1 Review


DC-1 In the Box
  1. Techalogic DC-1 Camera
  2. Wireless Remote Control
  3. Quick-Release Clip
  4. Main Camera Holder
  5. Non-Slip Silicone Ring
  6. USB Charging Cable

7. Cycle Helmet Strap (Cycle set Only)
8. Lens Cleaning Cloth
9. Mounts & 3M Stickers
10. Angle Bracket
11. APP QR Card
12. Allen Key
13. Elasticated riding hat strap (Equestrian Set Only)

DC1 - Advanced Dual Lens Helmet Camera for Cycling

High Quality as a Standard

The DC-1 all-in-one Dual Recording Camera has been designed for easy DIY fitting to your helmet or riding hat.

It has a great battery life of 2.5 hours out of the box (that’s dual channel video too!) and this can be extended very easily with an inexpensive power bank.

Also, the DC-1 has a built-in intelligent energy saving system. The Camera will automatically power-down if static for 3 minutes.

The top of the range SONY IMX307 Sensor and FHD 1080P resolution ensures your video is captured perfectly every time.

You’ll love the included remote control, very handy when you need to quickly snap a photo or lock important files.

And, when it comes to reviewing, downloading and sharing your video, well, that’s super-easy too, just connect your smartphone using WIFI for all the features you need.

Fast Delivery from UK and UK Point of contact for support


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